CHAZZ is kettle crisps

How do these kettle crisps differ from ordinary ones?

The main difference between kettle crisps and ordinary ones is the cooking method.

Traditional mass potato crisps are baked on a continuous frying line. In this usual way, the potatoes are baked on a special line that passes the potatoes through the oil, which always remains hot. Kettle crisps are baked using a method called batch cooking, in which the potatoes enter the pot in portions.

As kettle-baked cold vegetables enter the pot, the oil cools and then slowly warms up, so each crisp is unique in shape, crispier and very similar to home-made! Our chips are baked in small portions slower and longer, so they retain the taste of real potatoes - this is probably the most important thing for natural crisps fans!

Vegan Crisps

Baked at a lower temperature than regular crisps

CHAZZ crisps are baked in small portions, slower and at a lower average temperature of 150 C, so they are crispier and you will find not only potatoes but other vegetables as well that make crisps so much more interesting! Meanwhile, ordinary mass potato chips are baked in thousands of kilos per hour at a high temperature of 180-190 ° C, which strongly oxidizes oil, burns carbohydrates, turning it into acrylamides.

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Hemp Kettle Crisps
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Gluten free crisps
No preservatives or flavor enhancers

Choosing spices, we want to be sure that the taste of freshly baked crisps will be enhanced by natural spices that do not contain preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers. We add natural spices just as much as necessary, because we want you to feel the natural taste of the potatoes while tasting the crisps.

Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly.

You won't find gluten in CHAZZ chips, and for those who appreciate a vegan diet, we have created a range of crisps suitable for them and even a special tasting set!


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Vegan Crisps
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